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Finding Your Dream Job: 8 Top Strategies for Job Seekers

Looking for any job can be challenging, let alone finding your dream job. Use these eight strategies to help improve your chances of finding your dream job. Full Post Here

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Top 5 Job Related Expenses You Can Cut Today

Depending on your particular situation, job related expenses can quickly add up. It’s prudent to examine your work related spending patterns. Here are 5 areas where you can reduce your work related expenses quickly. Full Post Here

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5 Common Money Mistakes Made By Young Couples

For a newly married or a young couple, money mistakes are not uncommon. After all, just like the relationship dynamics are new, so too are the financial decisions you will make. Here are the 5 most common money mistakes young couples make. Full Post Here

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Inflation protection is essential to preserving your quality of living, yet it’s an element of personal financial planning that is commonly overlooked. If you don’t take steps to protect yourself from inflation, you purchasing power will steadily decline. Use these 7 inflation protection tips to help protect your finances. (760) 909-5113

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Essential First Time Child Expenses to Plan For As a New Parent

If not planned for, there can be a myriad of surprising first time child expenses that can catch you by surprise as a new parent. A lot of new parents underestimate the cost of having a baby. These are some of the main expenses you’ll have to cover in the next few months. 9046975672

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Helicopter Parents and How They Impact The Finances Of Their Children

Are you guilty of being a helicopter parent? If so, have you considered how your parenting style will impact the finances of your children? Here are 6 key points about helicopter parenting that you will want to consider. 8883433098

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Is Your Hobby Hurting Your Financial Future?

Having a hobby can enrich your life. However, as with all things in life, balance is important and there are times when what starts out as a hobby can get out of control. Here are 5 tips for evaluating whether your hobby is out of control and hurting your financial future. (226) 491-9269

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Credit card pitfalls are far too common. If you are a college student, protect your finances by taking the time to understand these common pitfalls and learning how to avoid them. (702) 693-2049

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One of the most surefire methods to achieve success is to emulate the behaviours and best practices of those who are already successful. When it comes to wanting to become a millionaire, you can learn a lot by looking at the financial best practices of self-made millionaires. Here are 9 best practices that can help you become a millionaire too. 4507554497

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Buying your first home is a very significant financial decision which requires careful planning because the house will soon become one of your main financial assets. That’s why it’s important to consider the following steps before you take the leap and become a first time homeowner. Full Post Here

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Does your job or career necessitate a lot of business meetings that happen to be scheduled for dinner? While they remain very common, business dinners are also an expensive way to have a meeting. Learning how to save money on business dinners benefits not only your business, but you as well … particularly if you happen to have limits within which you are able to expense them. Follow these 8 tips. 7018677538

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In this article, we’re going to cover 10 common financial challenges facing millennials. You may not necessarily agree with all of them — which is okay. The point is to get you to think about the topics and how you might overcome the financial hurdles you deem relevant to your situation. Are you well positioned to overcome these? 480-331-9653

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One of the basic tenants of leadership that I learned long ago is that if you approach your personal life as a business in which you are the senior executive and make decisions based on how you’d expect the senior executive of You Inc. to operate, your life will be a lot better. Here are 7 ways to start thinking like a CFO. Full Post Here

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If you’ve ever considered lending money to family and friends, this post is meant for you because it can easily turn into a potentially awkward and difficult situation. Think carefully before loaning money to family and friends. Here are 9 things to consider before lending money to friends and family. Full Post Here

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Retiring Early – 4 Tips For Saving Money on Obamacare

Retiring early while ensuring you have affordable healthcare can be very difficult. If you plan on retiring early, you might find that getting insurance under the Affordable Health Care Act requires some planning. Here are 4 tips for saving money on Obamacare. 9256656664

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Contemplating bankruptcy in retirement can be a very difficult and emotional experience. Bankruptcy is becoming an increasingly common among retirees, but there are a few things you’ll want to know before deciding if bankruptcy is your best course of action. Full Post Here

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Social Security benefits could become a main source of income once you retire. It is important to understand how these benefits work, figure out the best time to file, and know how much you’ll receive on a monthly basis. Read this guide to learn more about your social security benefits. 336-390-9362

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8 Retirement Money Mistakes You Will Regret

Retirement money mistakes are far too common and if you commit them, you jeopardize the very financial future you’ve worked so hard to build over the years. Avoid these 8 retirement money mistakes if you want to enjoy your retirement rather than live a retirement of regret. Full Post Here

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Living Debt Free – 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom

If you’re like most people, the idea of living debt free might feel like a pipe dream. I’ve experienced firsthand the toll it takes on you when you let yourself get overextended. It’s extremely stressful and it is astonishing how quickly your financial life can spiral out of control. Follow these 7 steps to begin living your life debt free and experience the tremendous improvement in the quality of your life. prince elector

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7 Smart Financial Moves for Unmarried Couples That Live Together

Financial implications aren’t something you necessarily think about when entering into a relationship, unless you’re planning to get married. Even if you aren’t planning a wedding anytime soon, if you’re living together as a couple, there are some financial considerations to pay attention to. Here are 7 smart financial moves for unmarried couples that live together. 2402155466

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